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Today’s practice seemed to be themed around refinement. Taking a look at what we have learned, picking at a few things, clearing things up here and there that we might not be sure of, and then cleaning things up over repetition. If something looks sloppy, let’s slow it down until we get it smooth. Sometimes we get a little excited and go a little fast. HEEEEeeeEEEEYYYYYy……. lol.


So we went over our 64 strikes, 4 Walls into disarms and submissions, Punyo Entries, and Sinawali. Doing the 4 Walls into disarms and submissions was fun because we got to get creative with what we wanted to transition into. We also spent a good amount of time to clean up Punyo Entries. Picking out the little things that needed cleaned up and then going over it until it gets smooth and comfortable. Still need more work because I’m not satisfied yet, but much better than when we first started in the morning.

Parlour Tricks

After doing stick work for a while we went into knife work. We warmed up with a little knife tapping and then went into Parlour Tricks, learning how to do hand and grip switches in real time while deceiving the receiver, and still being functional. I like how you can really get creative with this as well. You think you got it, no you don’t. Gotcha bitch! lol.

Gun Disarms

To finish off we went into one of the gun disarms that Bernie learned from the Urban Tactical seminar that just past. Cool stuff. Looking forward to learning more of what was went over from the seminar that most of us missed.


Well that’s it for today. Gotta put the kiddo to bed. Happy Training everyone! ItsYoBoyFlex and I’m out.



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